On June 27 a Round Table discussion was on “Partnering on Whole Grain for Health and Well-Being – why consumers should choose whole grain first”. The meeting was organised to have 45 experts across academia, health and consumer NGOs, industry representatives and policymakers discuss the significance of increasing whole grain consumption in Europe for public health and well-being, and how to achieve this goal based on the best practices of the Danish whole grain public-private partnership model. The meeting was organised to 1) spread the whole grain narrative on health and well-being at EU policy -level, 2) launch a conversation on whole grain between different sectors to create an EU whole grain movement and 3) Creating a community of whole grain advocates by securing firm interest on the desire to work together to stimulate greater consumption of whole grain in Europe. Several members of the HGF board were present. A short report on the meeting can be found at the HGF-website (available to members only). Log in here.