Introducing the new Board of HGF

We are happy to announce that HGF has a new Board with some fresh members! The new Board began its term at the start of 2024, and we had the opportunity to meet each other in person during the General assembly, which as held as a satellite meeting during the ICBC24 conference in Nantes, France on April 22.

Leading our new Board is Dr Krisfof Brijs who works as the Industrial Research Manager at the Lab of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry of KU Leuven in Belgium. Dr Ville Koistinen, who is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland and University of Turku, took the position of the Vice Chair. We are also happy to welcome back into the Board Professor Kati Katina from the University of Helsinki, who is one of the founders of the Forum, and Lovisa Martin Marais, a new member representing Lantmännen from Sweden.

While the new HGF Board is committed to maintaining the workshops and other events that we have been organizing in the past, we are also looking forward to renewing HGF so that it better serves all its members. To ensure that the Forum remains a dynamic and beneficial platform to all of us, we will soon be gathering feedback from all members. Our ordinary General Assembly and follow-up on the strategy workshop on June 5th (3 to 5 pm CET) is already approaching, hope to see you there!