During the 6th International Whole Grain Summit (Vienna, 13-15 November 2017) the Whole Grain Initiative (WGI) was established and it was concluded that harmonized global definitions of a whole grain ingredient and a whole grain food are needed to provide clarity to consumers, to provide a uniform basis for dietary recommendations and for nutrition and health research, and to serve as a level platform for industry. The overall goal of the Whole Grain Initiative is to increase worldwide consumption of whole grains. An International WGI Working Group (comprised of world-wide members from academia, government agencies, non-government organizations), and the private-sector evaluated existing definitions including Healthgrain and AACCI definitions and considered a wide range of member input from Working Group discussions.

Below you can find the elaborated Global Definition of Whole Grain as Food Ingredient which HGF endorses.

Global Definition of Whole Grain as Food Ingredient

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